mardi 18 janvier 2011

plastik_mekanik 325

Nouveauté musical cette semaine avec l'excellent Raoul Sinier et son nouvel album :cymbal rush/strange teeth & black nails sure oeuvre records.

Émission 325




-millipede---coming storm---all my best intentions---6(4,21)
-famine---material things---nature’s twin tendencies---10(6,27)


-raoul sinier---ants war---cymbal rush/strange teeth & black nails---2(3,24)
-raoul sinier---elle a raison---tremens industries---10(3,11)
-playdoe---gamedrive (niveau zero rmx)---v/a jfx bits#4---13(3,29)


-black lung---succulent bruises & bruised roses (rmx by matta)---the first tender cut---3(5,30)
-iszoloscope---when all you see is light---the edge of certainty---6(6,58)
-low frequencies---destroyer 2009---3(4,34)


-dead voices on air---till the dusk---from afar all stars spark and glee---5(6,25)


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